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Great!!! An IAIN Palangka Raya Student Teaches Arabic in Malaysia

by Humas IAIN Palangka Raya
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IAIN Palangka Raya continues to pursue the achievement. This time, it is an oppotunity for Andinia Wulandary, a students of Arabic Language Education Program who was selected to be one of the Indonesian delegations to join ITHLA ABROAD (International Arabic Teacher Program in Malaysia. This program is held at April 30th –May 13th, 2018.

This program is held annually by ITHLA (IttihaduThalabah al Lughah al Arabiyah bi Indonisia), Arabic Students Unity throughout Indonesia. This year is only the second implementation of this program. The participants are Arabic students, both form Arabic Language Education and Arabic Language and Literature Study Programs throughout Indonesia. Hundreds of received files were strictly selected ond only 20 canddidates were selected. She was born in Tumbang Samba, Katingan and she is 22 years old. Before going to Malaysia, Andinia nd 19 aother candicates will join the training for three days in State Islamic University (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta.

She is the daughter of Dhana Kasuma and Karnati’s couple, and she is an alumnus of Gontor Islamic Modern Boarding School. So, before joining Arabic Language Education (PBA) Study Program at IAIN Palangka Raya, she had mastered the Arabic language basic. “Through this program, I did not only get the experience , but I will also be able to contribute to popularize the name of IAIN Palangka Raya, especially the Arabic Language Education study Program (PBA) in the community,” he said. “Hopefully, it can be a motivation for my siblings to be confident. The quality of Arabic Lanuage Education (PBA) at IAIN Palangkaraya is unquestionable. The students are able to compete at national and international level.

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