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Some Miracles of Ramadan Fasting for Human Health

by Humas IAIN Palangka Raya
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Various studies have revealed the existence of a fasting miracle in terms of modern medical perspective. In scientific research, there were no adverse effects of Ramadan fasting on the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, eyes, endocrine profile, hematology and neuropsychiatric functions. These are miracles of fasting for Human health.
The balance of anabolism and catabolism
In contrast to starvation in various forms can interfere with the health of the body. On the contrary, in fasting Ramadan occurs anabolic balance and catabolism that result in amino acids and various other substances help the rejuvenation of cells and their components produce blood glucose and supply amino acids in the blood throughout the day.
It will not lead to acidification in the blood.
In Islamic fasting studies show the amino acids are oxidized slowly and ketones do not increase in the blood so it will not lead to acidification in the blood.
It has no effect on human blood cells
In the research, when fasting had no effect on human blood cells & there was no difference in reticulocyte count, red blood cell volume and mean hemoglobin concentration (MCH, MCHC) compared with people who did not fast.
In fasting, it can boost the immune system
Research shows when Ramadan fasting increases lymphocyte up to ten times. Although the overall white blood cells did not change, T cells experienced a rapid increase. Recent studies have shown that there is a decrease in apo-betta, raising levels of apo-alfa1 compared to before fasting. These conditions can keep the heart disease and blood vessels
It improves mental condition significantly
A researcher at Moskow conducted a study on a thousand people with mental disorders including schizophrenia. Apparently with fasting around 65% there is a significant improvement mental condition. Various other studies show that Ramadan fasting also reduces the risk of obesity compilation, protect the body from kidney stones, reduce the sexual turmoil among the young and other diseases that many more.

This article has been published on Kompas.com under the title “20 Miracles of Fasting for Human Health”,https://lifestyle.kompas.com/read/2012/07/25/11331762/20.Mukjizat.Puasa.terhadap.Kesehatan.Manusia .

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